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Glenn Wright

The R.A.C.E. to vulnerability

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The path to vulnerability in discipleship is rarely welcomed, and even rarer still is the appreciation of the power it yields in our walk towards Gods Kingdom.

Embracing the challenges that beset us and the subsequent journey of vulnerability to self and those close seems at times unbearable. Yet it is from these moments that great opportunities present for us to move one step closer to the person that God knows we can become.

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James Diliberto

DAVID: Shepherd’s Pastures to Kings Cour


DAVID: Shepherd’s Pastures to Kings Court

In consideration of the young David - from shepherds pasture to King's court, mirror's David's life witht he life of the Lord's, and the end particularly parallels David, and Jesus.

These studies will help us walk closer to Jesus in faith, as the young David did.


Cam Crispin

Jesus: The Human one



The word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood

This theme has been taken from the message bible's translation of John 1:14.

"The word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood"

Cam's topics:

Session 1 - The word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood

Session 2 - In touch with the outsiders

Session 3 - Ephphatha

Session 4 Exhortation - Gravity, tents, and the face of God

Session 5 - He reached for a towel

Session 6 - Life of the party

Sam Dando

Who do you think you are?


Finding our identity as servants and disciples of Jesus

Personal identity is one of the most important things to understand about ourselves. Knowing who we are, what makes us tick, what makes us laugh, what gets on our nerves, what brings us true joy—these are essential elements of our existence because that understanding affects everything else. Personal identity affects how we look at life, how we deal with conflicts, and even who we choose as friends.

Christian men need convenient handles with which to grasp the enormity of their identity in Christ. We must lay aside our cultural baggage and recover the Biblical foundation on which to build a masculine, Christ-centred identity.

What is the identity of the Christian man in our twenty-first century post-modernist, aggressively atheistic society? He is more than a product of his environment, a struggling sojourner, or a religious conversation partner. He is a son of God, a spiritual father, a mature disciple and a fierce fighter.



Men With the Master


Men with the Master (MwM) is a non-profit activity. Events are held at least annually, generally as Residential Weekends. Guest speakers provide core themes for participants to share and discuss. Men from all over Australia and overseas participate in and contribute to activities with an open Christlike spirit, enjoying fellowship as well as common beliefs and values.



The purpose of Men with the Master (MwM) is to:

  • Enjoy the occasion

  • Encourage others in their faith

  • Bring out the best in each other

  • Provide opportunities for new friendships

  • Extend our knowledge of Jesus Christ, God and His word

  • Take the benefits derived from MwM into all other aspects of our lives

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What do participants say about (MwM):

  • Came with doubts but quickly put at ease

  • Sat'dy arvo great for mixing

  • Brilliant and appropriate campsite

  • Most uplifting spiritually

  • Fantastic studies

  • Well thought out - 10/10!

  • Fabulous! Brilliant! Superb!

  • Great experience. We need these MwM weekends.

  • Relaxed, unpressured atmosphere

  • Life-changing

  • Easy to talk to others about problems

  • Helped build confidence in God and put things back into perspective

  • Humour and fun

  • People are accepting

  • Great Friday night meal

  • No barriers

Feedback from a past leader

It has been my privilege to speak at several MwMs, although I do not see myself as the speaker in the normal sense - more the facilitator of discussion on the various subjects. What I value most about MwM is the freedom of discussion, the expression of thought, including doubts and fears that brethren in Christ have and to some extent, the resolution of those concerns from the scriptures. Whilst not everyone necessarily goes away from the weekend feeling better spiritually, it is my perception that most do. I love the atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood engendered and the sharing of wisdom. At a more personal level I enjoy MwM because it gives me some quiet time for thinking, prayer and writing my journal in an inspiring context. I feel strengthened by the faith of my brothers and by the power of God I see working in them. I also go away more committed and resolved to demonstrate with renewed energy the principles of love in my life at home at work and in the ecclesia.

- Gary Steel, Sydney
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