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Men With the Master 2021

30th April to 2nd May

Men With the Master 2021

MwM 2021


Who do you think you are?

Finding our identity as servants and disciples of Jesus

Sam Dando from New South Wales will be presenting our next Men with the Master residential weekend to be held, God willing, from Friday 30th of April to Sunday 2nd of may 2021.

The topic for the weekend is 'Who do you think you are? Finding our identity as servants and disciples of Jesus.'

Personal identity is one of the most important things to understand about ourselves. Knowing who we are, what makes us tick, what makes us laugh, what gets on our nerves, what brings us true joy—these are essential elements of our existence because that understanding affects everything else. Personal identity affects how we look at life, how we deal with conflicts, and even who we choose as friends.

Christian men need convenient handles with which to grasp the enormity of their identity in Christ. We must lay aside our cultural baggage and recover the Biblical foundation on which to build a masculine, Christ-centred identity.

What is the identity of the Christian man in our twenty-first century post-modernist, aggressively atheistic society? He is more than a product of his environment, a struggling sojourner, or a religious conversation partner. He is a son of God, a spiritual father, a mature disciple and a fierce fighter.

The session titles are:

  • Who Am I?

  • A Name Above all Names

  • You and Me, Slaves of Righteousness

  • Jesus, Friend of Sinners

  • You and Me, Valued Disciples

  • You and Me, Saints

Check-in is from 5pm onwards. You will be assigned some comfortable sleeping quarters on arrival. Allow some time to unpack and catch up with some old friends, or say "Hi & Welcome" to one of the many new men that come each year. Dinner will be served at 7pm, so don't be late coming to the dining hall.

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