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Men With the Master 2022

29th April to 1st May

Men With the Master 2022

MwM 2022


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Glenn Wright will be the speaker with the topic Sustainable Steps of Discipleship.

For many of us, knowing what God requires of us today is relatively clear. It may come from our upbringing, a message received or old-fashioned research – either way the divine expectation is acknowledged. Yet for all the knowledge we may obtain, the challenge grows increasingly as we age – how to maintain these principles and values, not only personally, but develop them on a family and community scale?

It was Christ who stated, “except you be as a child you won’t inherit the kingdom of heaven”. This indeed presents a great and very real challenge – how do I balance a simple ‘child like’ following of Christ whilst balancing the seemingly wise ways of this life? Our weekend together will focus on 5 pivotal moments with the Master and from there will rise the challenge: establishing 5 steps that enable us to better build a sustainable following of Christ.

We invite you to bring vulnerability, life’s lessons and above all your participation!

Finding our identity as servants and disciples of Jesus