In 2004, Barry Burney, Kent Samwell, Phil Pogson, Jeff Catchlove and Steve Hauser met to toss around some thoughts regarding a Christ-centred Residential Weekend for men. This was stimulated in part by the success of Women at the Well (W@W), a South Australian initiative and concept launched in 2003 with outstanding spiritual and personal benefits to the women involved.

As with MwM, W@W is sponsored by the Hyde Park Christadelphians.

MwM was a great success! It was held in April 2005 at Woodhouse in the Adelaide Hills. Being an outdoor scouting facility, the extensive grounds include great walking trails and a demanding adventure playground called Challenge Hill. True to form, the almost sixty participants aged seventeen to seventy gave it a shot and had a very rewarding experience!

Encouraged by the interest in MwM, subsequent events have been organised annually at Encounters Conference Centre, Victor Harbor, as well as occasional one-day events.

Some of our Key speakers have been Gary Steel and Shane Kirkwood (NSW), Ray Ginn (SA), Matthew Blewett (South Africa), David & Mike Hill (SA) and Dan Pogson (NSW). Interest has been sustained year to year and for Residential Weekends, we can expect to have 80-100 registrations from near and far.

God willing, this will continue in the future.


Men with the Master is conducted in South Australia with sponsorship from the Hyde Park Ecclesia in Adelaide.

Some Past Presenters
Past Presenters
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